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“sharing is the key”


I don’t remember a time that I didn’t connect with arts & crafts. I went from handmade projects and painting to become an illustrator and later on a Pastry Chef so that I could make food look like art.
I grew up watching my mum teaching crafts at community centres within deprived areas of Brazil. That was the only opportunity those women had to develop their creativity, chat with other women and learn a craft that empowered them to make money and help their families.
But more important than the crafts they were learning and forging relationships. I still see some of them on social media, and you know what? They still there, friends to this day.
It is Exciting to know that connection can be achieved no matter where you are in the world.
But I was challenged to embrace ‘crafts’ and unplug. I love the idea of going back to my roots and stir some flare from such simple activities. I love my Tech job and all the gadgets that come with it!

My first hurdle comes because I am a perfectionist (believe me is a fault).

Therefore, finding the right partner to get ‘crafts’ back into my life and produce professional looking projects was my goal that I finally achieved when I found Stampin Up©

For the past 15 years I’ve been involved in Design, Photography, and Video and also Web & App Development but I believe I still have lots of space to create beautiful and professional craft projects, I know it’s a hobby and how much fun I have while doing, but has also given me the ability to open my horizons and bring some flare to my day job.
My passion is not complete if you cannot share it with others, no matter what your reasons are to start. I challenge you to have a go experiencing the pleasure and connections that come when like-minded creatives come together, even if you don’t think you are one. You are up for a surprise, we are all creatives at heart.
I dare you to try! You will create priceless projects and connections in the process. Come join me! for my workshop or host one of my events in your home.


For general information please contact info@keilacalver.co.uk or use the form below.


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